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Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing

What Are the Most Common Symptoms of an Allergic Reaction?

Typically, an allergic reaction will cause symptoms that affect your nose, sinuses, throat, lungs, skin, or the lining of the stomach. People with allergies may sneeze or will have an itchy or runny nose. The roof of the mouth can also feel itchy, and eyes can become red, watery, and swollen.

The most severe type of reaction is called anaphylaxis, and it can become a life-threatening medical emergency. Visit our Manhattan primary care center or call your local general practitioner in NYC if you experience anaphylaxis allergic reaction.

Symptoms of Anaphylaxis

Symptoms of anaphylaxis include nausea and vomiting, a fall in blood pressure; the person may feel lightheaded and will have a rapid, weak pulse. They could be severely short of breath and can lose consciousness.

Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies like hay fever can cause sneezing, an itchy and runny stuffy nose, watery red eyes, and the roof of the mouth may itch. Hay fever is also called allergic rhinitis.

Food Allergies

Food allergies can cause the mouth to tingle, and the lips, face, throat, or tongue may swell. Some people can develop hives or anaphylaxis.

Insect Sting Allergies

Insect allergies can cause a large swelling called edema at the sting site. The person may feel itchy or will develop hives all over the body. They may cough or wheeze, their chest may feel tight, or they could have a shortness of breath. Insect stings can also cause anaphylaxis.

Drug Allergies

Drug allergies can cause hives, a rash, anaphylaxis, itchy skin, and facial swelling, and the person may begin to wheeze.

Most common allergens responsible for causing these reactions may include:

  • Latex
  • Pollen
  • Insect stings
  • Medication
  • Food
  • Dust
  • Mould

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