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Posted 11/27/2021 in Category 1 by Best Stoneworks

The Pros And Cons Of Manufactured Stone Veneer - Best Stonework

The Pros And Cons Of Manufactured Stone Veneer - Best Stonework


Manufactured stone veneer is famous for indoor and outdoor sidings. It can be advantageous for several reasons. However, in some circumstances, it’s not the most feasible option. Let’s look at the pros and cons of manufactured stone veneer.


Long-Lasting - Manufactured stone veneers are one of the most long-lasting and durable options available in the market for siding. Stone veneer manufacturers generally provide warranties of 50+ years. 

Minimal maintenance - Appropriately installed manufactured stone veneers don’t need much maintenance. You can do periodical upkeep by removing dirt using a brush, water, and detergent. Moreover, manufactured stone veneer is more fire-resistant than vinyl siding. 

Low cost Generally, the cost of a manufactured stone veneer is half or one-third of the price of natural stone. Compared to natural stones, they are also much cheaper in terms of labor-related installation costs. 

Easier installation - Manufactured stone veneers are easier to install than natural stones. 

Variety of colors - Compared to natural stones that have only a few color varieties, Manufactured stone veneers are available in various types of colors, shapes, tones, and styles.

Numerous uses - Manufactured stone veneers can be used in interiors or exteriors, thus having versatile usage, design, and installation options. 


Not a beginner-friendly DIY project - Experienced practicable DIYers can manage to install manufactured stone veneers by themselves. However, it is a tough job for first-time DIYers. Therefore, it’s advisable to hire expert help or hire local contractors to do this task on your behalf.

Physical Stress - While manufactured stone veneers are not as heavy as natural stones, they’re still decently hefty. We advise anyone who handles or installs the veneers to use proper safety measures to ensure they don’t overdo it. 

Focused, timely steps -  Manufactured stone veneer installation is a time-sensitive, quick process. The adhesive compound dries out quickly. Therefore, it's a job for focused, experienced professionals. 

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