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8 items to clean when someone becomes sick with Coronavirus, Flu, or Simple Cold

8 items to clean when someone becomes sick with Coronavirus, Flu, or Simple Cold

We shouldn`t tell you that the matter of hand washing, and home cleaning became a lifesaving strategy in now days.

So, what happens if someone in your household has contracted a coronavirus, influenza or even a simple cold. There are a few cleaning rules that help to prevent or even cease the spreading.


To lessen the danger of being in close contact with a sick person in the house, follow these safety measures:




Soak toothbrush in an antiseptic mouthwash, allow it to air dry and store separately to make sure it is not touching other brushes in the cup.


Garbage Can


Allot a separate basket with a lid lined with a plastic bag to collect contaminated items from a sick person such as tissues, thermometer covers. To add more protection, you can double bag to cover the basket and another one to collect waste. Never discard sharp objects into the garbage cans.





Like a toothbrush, thermometer gets in contact with body fluids of a contagious person and must be cleaned thoroughly.

For glass thermometers, wash it with soap and cool water, flush and air dry. Store it separately away from kids and pets.  

For electronic thermometers, you should follow cleaning instruction from manufacturer, however most of the electronic thermometers can be wiped with an alcohol pad and air dried.  


Medication cup


Any cup used to take medication should be washed all around with soap and warm water after each utilization.  Let it to air dry and store separately.




All utensils utilized by a contagious person has to be cleaned with soap and water, air dried and store separately.


Air Humidifier


It is a good idea – not to forget of your air humidifier, since it’s a great source for germs, if not cleaned properly.

Always check a tank and a base for the evidence of mold when cleaning. A humidifier water tank can be cleaned with soap and water, and disinfected after cleaning. Let it to air dry.

For the base cleaning you can also use an EPA registered disinfectant. Just pure the solution into the base let it soak for 20-30 minutes, rinse and let it to air dry.

Before storage the machine, ensure it is clean and dry.


Floor and hard surfaces

Perform cleaning of hard floors and surfaces such as countertops, bedside tables, doorknobs with

EPA registered disinfectants, that proven to work well on majority of hard-to-kill viruses.



As per CDC, it is unknown how long the air in the room occupied by a person sick with coronavirus stays contaminated. Use air conditioner or open windows to allow a good source of fresh air in the room to decrease amount virus in the air.


The list of EPA registered disinfectants can be found at EPA website by clicking here.


In conclusion:

Following simple cleaning rules can significantly improve quality of living and health.  Dedicate a few minutes a day to make your own routine that fits your schedule. Stay well and clean smart.

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