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Posted 01/13/2021 in Category 1

How to get COVID-19 vaccine in NY? Who is eligible for COVID-19 vaccine in NY?

How to get COVID-19 vaccine in NY? Who is eligible for COVID-19 vaccine in NY?

NYS has announced COVID-19 vaccination hit the ground and being distributed through the eligible population, which includes people over 65 years old.

Who is eligible for COVID-19 vaccine in NY?

State of New York started the vaccination from first-line responders, home care workers. and then added customer service workers and people age 65 y.o. and older. 

The list of eligible professionals includes, but not limited to:

  • Hospital, Nursing home, Care facilities workers
  • EMS workers
  • Nurses and therapists in direct contact with patients
  • Doctors running private practices and their staff.
  • Pharmacy workers
  • Home Care workers
  • Hospice workers
  • Patients and residents of Nursing Homes, Rehab Centers, and Long Term Care facilities.
  • People 65 y.o. and older

To learn more details, I decided to do a little research. I thought of helping my mother who was eligible for the vaccine because of her age but always have struggled to do anything on the computer. 

Here is what I have found. To get vaccinated in NYS you have to do a few steps:

1. Fill out a New York COVID19 Vaccine Form at https://forms.ny.gov/s3/vaccine

2. Go to COVID-19 Vaccine Finder at https://vaccinefinder.nyc.gov/  to schedule an appointment. 

COVID19 vaccine near me

Using COVID-19 Vaccine Finder website I started looking for a COVID19 vaccine near me. I enter my zip code, and a list of nearby COVID19 vaccine providers has popped up. 

That is where it gets hectic. Each provider on the list has its own website and a schedule. To see the appointments available, you need to click on each provider`s link, go to their website, and fill in your information prior to seeing the appointments available. 

Many spots are already overbooked. Others ask you to answer private questions before you can get an idea if there are any appointments available. 

I patiently went through a few websites answering questions, and: “Here we are!” I got an appointment for my mom within two weeks and not too far away from her home. 


Scheduling COVID19 vaccine appointment by phone.

People that are not experienced with scheduling appointments online can still schedule an appointment for COVID19 vaccine over the phone. You still need to get to COVID-19 Vaccine Finder at https://vaccinefinder.nyc.gov/  and enter your zip code.

Picture source: https://vaccinefinder.nyc.gov/ 

 You will get a list of clinics with their phone numbers providing the vaccine in your area. Call the clinic to check availability and to schedule the appointment.

Make sure to have your Date Of Birth, home address, and phone number handy for the registration. 

COVID19 vaccine second dose appointment scheduling.

It is still unclear how providers will be scheduling 2nd dose of the vaccine. And who will be responsible for it, whether the provider or the recipient? 

In the meantime, those who have received the first dosage of vaccination were told to wait until further notification. 


Since the vaccination process is still very new and is developing and transforming daily. New COVID19 vaccination locations are being added daily. 

All recipients have to be very engaged and responsive. After you get the vaccine you will receive daily emails and texts asking to report your general health condition and if you experience any side effects.

Stay tuned. Call 311 for more information on COVID19 vaccination in NY or contact your Primary Health Care Provider for assistance. 

Stay safe. Do not forget to wear a face mask, wash your hands, and keep a social distance.