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Posted 03/23/2021 in Category 1

Tips for Home Modification for Disabled and Elderly

Tips for Home Modification for Disabled and Elderly

Sometimes medical equipment companies are offering installation, and some of them just deliver products to a patient’s door.

Home Safety

Getting medical equipment properly installed is an important step in ensuring patient’s safety.


Assembly and installation of home medical equipment.

When you are ordering any type of medical equipment starting from a shower grab bar to a wheelchair, or a Hoyer Lift, it is a must to discuss and arrange with the provider a proper assembly and installation. 

Home modification covered by insurance.

Some of the installation and home environment modifications can be covered by your medical or long-term care insurance. You need to find an authorized home modification provider working with your insurance in order to get the reimbursement. 

Know your rights. Return Policy.

It is also very important to ensure the equipment is fitting right and is comfortable to use. To protect yourself from an unwanted product, make sure you know a return policy when ordering the equipment.