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Submitted by Terri W. Honer on 11/10/2021

Medical Bias in health care

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Aaren, was very limited in his professionalism with me as a patient and potential customer. I provided Aaren all the documentation that he requested from my cardiologist and pulmonary doctors. He continued to refer that I was out of compliance from a C-pap machine of 2017. I agreed with him. I told him repeatedly that that machine was replaced with a new 2020 Phillips Respironics, which is now on (RECALL). Finally, Aaren told me that I was slipping through the cracks with "Medicare and Aetna" without them listing my new machine. I asked him if he was implying that I didn't pay for the machine? His inference implied I was getting welfare. I felt insulted, because I am a retired teacher, college degree.I am going to take this complaint to the Ohio Medical Board, regarding discriminating comments and lack of medical services.Medicare and Aetna approved the 2020 C-Pap machine.

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