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Companion or care companion is a person assisting others with daily activities which may include attending social places, escorting to medical appointments, helping with shopping etc. Companion job requires minimal credentials. The most of Home Care and Staffing Agencies only ask for an ability to pass a criminal background check, and to have a legitimate work permit.


Companion training

Companion job does not require a specific training. Usually orientation or training is provided by the hiring agency or an employer.


Companion Duties 

Companion services usually include tasks that are not require professional skills and can be learn during employment orientation. Most common companion duties include safety supervision, escort to social activities, accompany person to medical appointments, reminding of daily tasks such as reminding the person to follow the diet, to mail a letter, assisting with phone calls, etc.


Companion Salary


Companion are usually hired through the employment agency. There is no set hourly rate for the companions. In US regular hourly rate varies between 9 and 15 dollars an hour. Agency usually charge between 15 to 25 dollars an hour. 


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