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Paying for Home Care

One of the things that people always ask whenever they're dealing with home care, is how can they pay for it? With so many types of insurance out there, it can be a confusing prospect especially if you're not use to dealing with that aspect of health care. While not all of the insurance types will cover in-home care for the individual, there are a few that do.


The insurance provided by Medicaid is designed to work with people that are low income. Their insurance will provide non-medical home care and other types of support that happen in-home. This is to make sure that the person is able to keep living in their own home and not have to be relocated to a care facility.

Veterans Programs

The Department of Veteran Affairs provides several forms of help when it comes to veterans that can't afford in-home care. These range from free services to financial assistance that can supplement what the veteran gets and help with their need. 

State Non-Medicaid Programs

Many states have programs that are designed to help with in-home assistance. Most of these types of programs are aimed towards senior individuals that are low income. They’re designed to help prevent people that need assistance from being placed in nursing homes. These types of programs are loosely known as “Nursing Home Diversion Programs” and are set up to provide care for individuals in the home who otherwise would be placed in a home

Self Payment Options

While most people are unable to self pay for home care, there are a few options that may help you with this need. The following is a list of some payment options that you can use for in-home care.:

 Long-term Care Insurance

 Life Insurance Conversions

 Reverse Mortgages

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