Seniors Serving Seniors Adult Daycare Reviews

Submitted by Mrs. A. M. Jones on 08/31/2021

Seniors Serving Seniors of Sherwood

Overall Rating

DO NOT work for this company.  They are unethical.  The caregiver was to care for ONE lady but ended up having to care for her husband as well.  Had to listen to TWO baby monitors at night instead of just one.  She was not given the option of being able to be OFF for 8 hours to sleep,  so ended up having to work 24 hours but NOT get paid for caring for TWO and not being able to be OFF to sleep at night, as she was told she could.  Yet this owner ( a preacher no less)  had the audacity to charge the family for 2 seniors but the care giver was paid for only ONE.  Also this company was involved in legal issues for this very same unethical practice. 

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