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Top 10 Home Care Agencies in NY

HomeCareNear has analyzed hundreds of Home Care Agencies in NY. We took to consideration input of consumers, caregivers as well as health care professionals` expertise. Companies in our top 10 list are well established on the  market, have implemented quality improvement program and also are on a good standing as an employer. 

In HomeCareNear we believe that caregiver prosperity leads to patient positive outcome. At the same moment caregiver`s burnout may drastically affect quality of care and to ruin patient`s progress. Therefore, our Top 10 list includes companies that tune with our philosophy of win-win strategy for the patient and caregiver. 

#1. Partners In Care

Partners In Care is a home care agency licensed by New York State Department of health and is a part of Visiting Nursing Service Of New York. The agency serves New York City,  Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, and Rockland Counties. Partners In Care pay high attention to continues staff education. The company has established programs focusing on servicing LGBT community. 

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#2 Fedcap Home Care

FEDCAP Home Health Care Agency is a part of FEDCAP Rehabilitation the large non-profit company with over 40 years of experience helping people with limitations. Fedcap Home Care provides free Home Health Aide training with mandatory hands on practice in Long Term Care facilities. The company is known for paying high attention to caregiver success, monitor Home Health Aide performance, provide continues education and training, and has established the caregiver recognition program. 

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#3 Edison Home Health Care

Edison Home Health Care is a NYS Department of Health  licensed Home Care agency servicing the State of New York. The company has well developed infrastructure with multiple  locations throughout the state. Provide free assistance with Medicaid Applications.

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#4 Bestcare, Inc.

Bestcare is servicing five bouroughs of NY, as well as Nassau and Westchester counties. The company has been on the market since 1981. At the current time Bestcare operates eight offices for clients and convenience, as well as provide Home Health Aide and Personal Care Aide training programs.

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#5 All Metro Health Care

All Metro Health Care has been on the market since 1955. Currently operating in three states, New York, New Jersey, and Florida. The company has multiple locations to ensure convenience of clients and caregivers. 

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#6 Sunnyside Community Services

Sunnyside Care At Home service is a part of Sunnyside Community Services the large non-for-profit organization provide multiple programs for youth and families, seniors, and caregivers in all five boroughs of New York. 

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#7 The New Jewish Home

The New Jewish Home was founded in 1848, first as a facility for New York’s Jewish population, and now servicing New Yorkers of all faiths and backgrounds from Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan and Westchester.

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#8 Special Touch Home Care Services, Inc.

Special Touch Home Care Services, Inc. has been in Home Care business since 1977. Servicing all five boroughs of NY plus Westchester county. The company provides HHA, PCA, CDPAP services to home care consumers as well as continuous education to Care Aides.
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# 9 All Heart Homecare Agency Inc.

All Heart Homecare Agency Inc. provides in home HHA, PCA, CDPAP, disability and worker`s compensation services. The company offers competetive pay rate, paid time off, 401 K plan with 4% employeer match, as well as health insurance.
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Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc. is providing services not only in New York, but also in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, and Connecticut. The company was esteblished over two decades ago and is fully licensed according to the servicing state regulations.
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