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R + W Livery Service Inc. dba Latino Ambulette Reviews

Submitted by Latino Ambulette on 10/26/2022

Social Worker MSW

Overall Rating

Owner and staff are trained professionals that are able to assist with both the patients and their families. Social workers in facilities know they can trust this company and its staff when it comes to safe reliable transportation 

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No one ever in the history of our business tells a driver not to return to pick up patients and or family members.  In a particular case we were informed to only deal with the daughter since her parents are very anxious people. The daughter went MIA, leaving her anxious parents alone. Sad

Submitted by Latino Ambulette on 07/24/2022


We don't charge by the procedure,  $360 is an unknown amount.  We don't leave clients stranded ever,. Doctors never call for return trips, you must have the wrong  company 

Submitted by R And W Livery Service, Latino Ambulette on 07/23/2022

The Worst

My parents used this service to take my father to get stitches out and paid privately for this service. They dropped him off and then didn't come back to get him for hours and hours. The woman on the phone wouldn't talk to them when they called to find out when the transportation would be there. The doctor called on their behalf and nobody would speak to them. The gentlemen who did finally come to pick them up said he was told not to come but he felt bad and came anyway. One mile each way and a 15 minute procedure for $360 and this is how my sick father is treated. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Submitted by Personal on 01/27/2022

Medical appointment transportation

Par excellence transportation. Clean vans. Safe and reliable transportation.  A leading name in the transportation industry.  

Submitted by Latino Ambulette on 10/24/2021